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MAPTUAL powered by ODAIA can help identify HCPs that are treating patients of a specific disease area and allow the pharma sales & marketing teams to educate those HCPs on their treatments, they might get to the patients that need them, much quicker than in the past" ~ Philip Poulidis, CEO & Co-founder

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Our Story

In 2018, ODAIA pioneered multimodal data analysis with process mining and artificial intelligence to understand, predict and influence customer journeys out of the University of Toronto and University of Lausanne in Switzerland. From this research, ODAIA developed and launched MAPTUAL, a commercial insights and customer data platform for the pharmaceutical industry. It brings together both proprietary and public data sources and applies AI to analyze and predict patient journeys, physician prescribing behavior and omni-channel attribution, to deliver real-time insights to sales and marketing teams, so they can create hyper-personalized customer engagements. MAPTUAL’s goal is to reduce the cost and complexity of bringing life altering therapeutics to the patients that need them.

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The Values Behind

We are a collection of diverse, smart, collaborative and passionate colleagues with a great sense of humour working on cutting-edge tech.


Challenges and obstacles are opportunities for innovation. We are quick to adapt and always forward thinking.


We believe a relationship based on trust requires every team member to take responsibility for their actions.


We believe that respect is trust in action. Our work culture focuses on results, not time spent in front of a computer.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that being "valued, heard and respected" drive belonging, innovation and success for our people.


We take the initiative to drive value. As shareholders of the company, we don’t wait for others to act because we care... like owners.


We love what we do — passionate about our customers and driven by a common vision to transform sales and marketing.

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Integrate all of your sales and marketing touchpoints, customer Rx and behavioral data, together with other data sets into a single platform.  Spend less time looking at static dashboards and spreadsheets, and more time engaging your customers.