How Pharma's Customer-Facing Teams are Transforming to Digital

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The global pandemic has changed the customer-facing pharma business, forever. With direct access more difficult than ever, and HCP preferences shifting permanently toward digital engagement and personalized support, digital transformation is now a main priority. Customer-facing teams have seen radical changes in the way they engage with their customers, and they need accelerated technological support as they continue to innovate.

Here at ODAIA, we make it our business to understand this digital transformation in detail. That’s why we’ve created a report outlining what we think are the three most important trends in digital transformation for customer-facing pharma.

Trend 1: Tapping into Big Data is the shift to a comprehensive data strategy. That means breaking down data ‘silos’ and integrating it into a digital platform where new technologies can be applied to turn it into actionable insights.

Trend 2: Predicting Customer Journeys means taking a data-driven approach to understanding customers. Knowing which HCP to engage with next, and how to go about it, is vital in a world where direct face-to-face engagement is more difficult than ever.

Finally, Trend 3: Engaging Customers Differently is about the changing way brands interact with customers in an increasingly digital landscape. Omni-channel engagement and hyper-personalized messaging are becoming mandatory.

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