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Empower your commercial teams.

It's time to leverage big data for your next-gen engagement.

Supercharge your predictive analytics

Maptual is an AI-powered commercial insights and automation platform for the life sciences industry.

Engage your commercial teams

MAPTUAL helps you measure the value of each multi-channel engagement on individual HCPs' Rx behavior allowing you to increase share of voice in crowded markets.

Dynamic omni-channel insights

MAPTUAL uses AI-enabled analytics to deliver dynamic segments of HCPs (Next Best Audience) with high frequency. Do away with annual or semi-annual segmentation exercises and static territory planning.

Act on market-driven behavioral segments

MAPTUAL will use AI-enabled analytics to define your most valued market-driven segments of HCPs (Next Best Audience) that drive your business.

With Maptual, you can integrate all your data and hyper-personalize the way you target, engage and activate your customers.

Find out how Maptual works

Integrate all of your sales and marketing touchpoints, customer Rx and behavioral data, together with other data sets into a single platform.  Spend less time looking at static dashboards and spreadsheets, and more time engaging your customers.

Trusted by market leaders

Deepen your

commercial insights

Sales and marketing insights and process automation platform for the life sciences industry.

Boost Brand Performance

Deepen your commercial insights

Deliver real-time HCP journeys, dynamic omni-channel attributions and market-driven segments for your Sales and Marketing Teams. Measure the precise impact of each customer touchpoint.

Access unique customer personas to target, engage and activate HCPs with personalized digital channels to create positive change toward brand goals.

Engage Fieldforce

Provide hyper-personalized customer recommendations to representatives. Give them confidence to target the right HCPs with the right messages, best channels and optimal frequency to increase share and brand loyalty.

After the pandemic, all our assumptions were thrown out the window. We now have a way to measure the value of all our marketing and sales channels for each of our HCP customers.

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