Enhancing the Customer Journey through MAPTUAL

Watch our experts explain how MAPTUAL creates a journey that is unified experience with meaningful touchpoints to better reach your customers.

Customer Journey Mapping in Pharma with MAPTUAL

MAPTUAL creates a picture of the most important touchpoints and focuses on a “dynamic journey”. Data elements that capture all the different touchpoints of a customer are pieced together to tell a story. This is then used to enhance the outcome of the customer journey.

Improving Pharma's Customer Journey with MAPTUAL

ODAIA's MAPTUAL looks at the customer journey end to end. Using cutting edge analytical tools, AI and ML, MAPTUAL delivers predictive insights to pharma commercial teams on a real-time basis enabling precision targeting, better resource utilization and commercial agility. All this in one software as a service (SaaS) package that works with the data you already buy.

How MAPTUAL Helps Pharma Connect with their Customers

MAPTUAL integrates data from all the different sources of data within a pharmaceutical company and even data sources outside of the Pharma company. This data can then be tracked over time to help customers see a trend in their activities in connection to the activities of HCPs.

An Insight into MAPTUAL's Journey Analytics

MAPTUAL is unique in how it does journey analytics by combining the process of mining, where we mine big data within an organization to uncover all the different touchpoints and layer this with customer journey analytics and AI. This allows the product to predict the sequence of activities that are going to lead to desirable outcomes. This includes significant information such as the specialty of an HCP, how long ago they graduated, where their clinic is located, the demographics of where the clinic is located, etc.

Improving the Customer Journey in Pharma

MAPTUAL not only helps the field force and the omni-channel marketing teams to better engage with their customers but also benefits healthcare professionals in how they engage with the pharma companies. We are creating a journey that is a unified experience, part of an omni-channel experience with meaningful touchpoints.

Pharma's Customer-Facing Teams are Transforming to Digital

The global pandemic has changed the customer-facing pharma business, forever. With direct access more difficult than ever, and HCP preferences shifting permanently toward digital engagement and personalized support, digital transformation is now a main priority.

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